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wetseal #SaturdaySteals ---> $10 maxi skirts! Which pattern is your pick? 11m
royalqueens_ Every freaking one OMG!!!!!!!! 10m
creativeiguess I like the one on the left best xD 11m
north.star210 @wailanas_mommy im pretty sure I ordered 2 of those prints lol 11m
claire_bear_fagan Just ordered one! 11m
samantharenes Ugh I want the third one! @whitney_ryan 11m
hannah_caitlyn97 I absolutely LOVE maxis!!!!!!!!! 11m
whitney_ryan @samantharenes ugh these have our names written all over them! 11m
danielle.perez13 The far left! Just shopped at Wet Seal today! 11m
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