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underwearwolf I enjoy eating meat, but can we as a society just agree that we've evolved past the need to wear fur? There are wonderful alternatives like @bsable 10m
philthiest If rather wear that part 7m
arsenicstar I'd rather go naked, personally. 9m
jawknee21 Tell this to Cee lo... 10m
hstryk @ellismate22 never said I support PETA anywhere in my comments, and I don't. You can be into animal rights and not support PETA it turns out. 10m
mike08807 @hstryk Peta is the most inhumane group of people. They put down thousands of animals a day 10m
truckin_aint_easy Omg I just puked in my mouf 10m
twwly @hstryk I see the bias in looking good. I have no idea what percentage of the global leather/fur economy comes from fur farms. All I know is that here in Ontario, where factory farms, and small farms are churning an almost unfathomable number of animals through both giant abattoirs and small custom ones, that those hides are not wasted. When I think about what I know about meat production, and the number of animals we are talking about, it's appears as though that's a pretty good dent. So to say "there is no reason to wear fur", well, it falls a bit short for me. 10m
hstryk @twwly it's true, but I'm not sure why a fur industry website would say otherwise. I can see PETA's obvious bias, but not the fur trade itself saying most fur is from specialty fur farms. I'm not a troll, I'm not saying any of this with an ounce of aggression. Like I've said before, I respect you and that you live out your beliefs. And I will always love your baby goat pics, always. 10m
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