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kimbpics Happy 26th birthday to my soulmate @kendallnicole77 I love you!! 1y
noemarom happy bithday i love kim 1y
glittertankar Thought Godfrey was your soulmate, just kidding ilysm! <3 1y
ashwinii_s Very very cute !! Love you @kimbpics 1y
noemi_persico You and liam for everrrrrr.. i love you @kimbpics 1y
madiie223 Wow Kim the first pic you and @kendallnicole77 as kids is so adorable nice memories of you two. @kimbpics 1y
laurabarone91 sei bellissima 1y
milliegoodwyn Happy Birthday!!! @kendallnicole77 1y
kendallftworth I love you also 1y
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