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진성 킴 I'm a Korean "Be the kind of person you wish to attract into life"
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js_lucete I met him. With Mejor David Teo, CEO of MIG 8m
missjoo88 Mejar @davidteo99 klau sy nak hantar skrip nak hantar kat mana ye? 8m
natashazaf oppa js. i miss you in #AutumnDiHatiku 8m
js_lucete Nice to met u @davidteo99 Thank you. 8m
davidteo99 coming soon 8m
ruby_bebe @davidteo99 8m
iamnuraqilah So what's your next movie? Hahaha 8m
shafwani Haha. Look like this oppa will active in our movie industry later.hehe 8m
asyekyn hahaha.. so cute of u @js_lucete :D 8m
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