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fumizer Flavors in the double digits... With 80+ Flavors available, there is no way you don't find what your looking for... For wholesale orders contact [email protected].. #fumizer #fumivape #ejuice #smokeless #smokefree #vapor #vape 1y
bymelilu @susanpenha fresas *** crema plz! 9m
susanpenha @starbow__ SABORES!! Me voy a volver loca! XD 9m
fumizer Now available 100+ yummy flavors 11m
fumizer Yes @kokopellismokeshop 11m
kokopellismokeshop Can we suggest flavors? 11m
officialvapetrixx Hey guys, we would most defiantly like to work with you guys and wholesale but before that we would like to try some samples. Email us @ [email protected] 11m
m_an_ny I'm new too this and which is best flavor to get or top seller ? I have citrus ice and it's not bad but not my cup of tea .. 12m
sativaking13 That's fine thanks ... 1y
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