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dorothywang Ready for our crazy cabo trip tomorrow night?? #beverlyhillsgoestomexico #tequila #daydrunk #roxyspalatialpalace 2y
bellagiyo @chris_hilton_kardashian this is so freaken trueeee!!!!!! 2y
alexiagugo Im there 2y
stephanie_luvsu Lol hahaha @titiboy12 2y
tavaaba Whats to hate on ***** @kbtdave 2y
tavaaba Take yo *** back to china @kbtdave 2y
tavaaba I can but ik yo broke *** cant @kbtdave 2y
tavaaba Stfu wit yo lying broke *** @kbtdave 2y
riana_hellasaucy ^^^^Stop drinkin haterade! #GTFOH 2y
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