dezbryant Dez Bryant
@DallasCowboys Wide Receiver #88. #ThrowUpTheX
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dezbryant Remember to vote for your favorite @DallasCowboys players for the 2014 @NFL Pro Bowl. 1y
cowboys_raul Beast 14d
cowboys_raul Dez Bryant is so best 14d
sncally Hes a bad mother fucker!! #DALLASCOWBOYS #DC4L @dezbryant 6m
brianbonner1111 @ryansarkany nough said. 6m
evdogbeast2k5 #lolseahawk dez is petty beast 9m
ronnie_hefeee @baltimore552 10m
ant760 This year your gonna do even better throw up the X Dez @dezbryant 10m
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