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Journalist, blogger + author of I Quit Sugar. Hobby = fighting wastage. Sydney :: New York :: London

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_sarahwilson_ Anyone out there drink goat milk? I accidentally got sent 10 of these. Yours if u pick up from Balmain. 1y
lucindaorenshaw @cassierichards just sent through another one 1y
cassierichards @lucinda_orenshaw can you please email again and check address. Didn't receive anything :( 1y
lucindaorenshaw @cassierichards email sent :-) 1y
lucindaorenshaw @cassierichards thanks! Yahoo is down at the moment so ill send it through asap. 1y
cassierichards @lucinda_orenshaw ...my hubby picking up on Thursday. Email me at [email protected] to arrange a time for you to pick up! ** 1y
cassierichards SUPERB!!...thank you v much @_sarahwilson_ & @jo1foster kind ladys!! ** 1y
jo1foster Hey @cassierichards email me at [email protected] and I'll give you details 1y
_sarahwilson_ Great we have a taker! @jo1foster will b in touch 1y
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